NPTEL Water and Wastewater Treatment Week 9 Assignment for 2024

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NPTEL Water and Wastewater Treatment Week 9 Assignment for 2024

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In a laboratory setting, you are tasked with studying the disinfection kinetics of a bacterial culture. The initial bacterial population (N0) is 2 x 10^7. The disinfection rate constant (k) is determined to be 0.03 minutes^-1. As part of your experimental setup, you have recorded data at the temperature (T) 25°C and the pH at 7.2.

Given this scenario, the time (t) required to reduce the bacterial population to 5,000, according to Chick’s Law is __ mins.

Answer: 51.51 minutes

In a water treatment plant, chlorine is added for disinfection. The breakpoint curve is a graphical representation of:

A. The competing oxidizing agents in the water.

B. Chlorine demand of a wastewater

C. The dose at which free chlorine will be available in the wastewater.

D. The effectiveness of chlorine in killing bacteria.

Select the correct option.

Answer: C & D

Which chloramine is formed, when the pH range is less than 4.4?

Answer: Trichloramine

In the membrane filtration, the degree of selectivity of membrane largely depends on:

Answer: Membrane Charge

Observe the graph given below for a filter showing relation between effluent turbidity and time passed from start of filter operation. After a duration of 90 hours which of the following operation would you not suggest in a depth filter:

Answer: Filtration should be continued

If the available surface area for each filter is 35 m2, then the number of filters required is _________.

Answer: 5

Calculate the settling velocity of the filter media particle having a mean diameter of 0.65mm. The settling velocity is _____mm/s.

Answer: 0.15 mm/s

If the design allows the filtered water for storage to meet the backwashing requirements and the filter bed is required to expand by 0.46 m, the required backwash velocity is __ mm/s.

Answer: 16.36 mm/s

The Head loss in the filter before backwashing is _____m.

Answer: 0.25 m

Consider the following data for a membrane module:

A membrane module comprised of several tubular membranes has an effective surface area of 12 m2.

The membrane system is operated in cross-flow, under a constant flux to yield 1,700 L/h.

The temperature of the water is 20 degrees Celsius.

Each tubular membrane is 2m long and is operated in an outside in regime.

Assume dynamic viscosity of water as 1.0016 x 10 ^–3 P-s

If the tubes have an outer diameter of 3.0 cm, then the number of tubes in each tubular membrane unit are _____________.

Answer: 424

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