The Importance of Referrer Logs

Referrer logging plays a crucial role in helping web servers and websites identify the sources of their visitors. Whether for promotional or security purposes, understanding where people are coming from when they visit your site can provide valuable insights. Referrer logs allow you to determine which search engine led users to your site or if they arrived via a linked site. In essence, referrer logs provide the URL of the previous webpage that referred visitors to your site.

The Importance of Referrer Logs

Understanding Referrer Logs

By default, most hosting accounts do not include referrer logs. However, they can typically be subscribed to for an additional monthly fee. If your web host does not offer a graphic report of your log files, you can still access the referrer logs by logging into the host server using free or low-cost FTP software. Here are a few examples of such software:

  • FTP Explorer:
  • LogMeIn:
  • SmartFTP:
  • FTP Voyager:

Once you have accessed the log file from your web server, you can download it to your computer for further analysis. To make the log files easier to understand, you can utilize log analysis tools such as:

  1. Abacre Advanced Log Analyzer:
  2. Referrer Soft:
  3. Log Analyzer:
  4. Even without specialized tools, you can view the log files using applications like Word, Word Perfect, txt, or WordPad. It is vital not to neglect the information contained in referrer logs, as it can provide valuable insights for your business and marketing plans.

Unveiling Valuable Information
Referrer logs go beyond identifying the search engine or linked site that directed visitors to your website. They can also reveal the keywords or keyword phrases used by your clients during their search. This information can be instrumental in refining your SEO strategies and understanding user behavior.

It's worth noting that some browsers allow users to disable the sending of referrer information due to privacy concerns. Additionally, proxy and firewall software can filter out referrer information to prevent the disclosure of private website locations. However, this can lead to other complications, as some servers may block certain parts of their site to browsers that fail to provide the appropriate referrer information. This practice aims to prevent deep linking or unauthorized use of bandwidth. To overcome these issues, some proxy software provides the top-level address of the target site itself as the referrer, thereby mitigating problems while still preserving user privacy.

However, it's important to acknowledge that referrer information can be easily spoofed or faked, limiting its reliability in certain scenarios, except when considered on a casual basis.


Q1: What is referrer logging?

Referrer logging allows web servers and websites to identify the sources from which visitors arrive, whether for promotional or security purposes. It provides insights into the search engine or linked site that directed users to a specific website.

Q2: How can I access referrer logs?

If your hosting account does not include referrer logs by default, you can typically subscribe to them for an additional monthly fee. Alternatively,
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